Post-move Tips Homeowners Should Follow

Moving to a new place is an exciting prospect. With new memories to create and new opportunities to exploit, life couldn’t be better. But before you start living your life to the fullest at your new place, be sure to go over these post-move pointers to ensure that you did not miss anything:


  • Check with your storage partner

If you still have some belongings and furniture left in the storage facility, be sure to ask when it will be transported and delivered. Most storage companies in Dubai provide an estimated timeline on when they can deliver the items to your doorstep. Check with them what are the items left on their facility and when is the earliest date they can have your belongings transported. Confirm if the storage facility has your new delivery address. If you have remaining balance with the company, this would be the best time to settle it.


  • Settle balance with your movers

And speaking of balance, do not forget to settle the remaining balance and payment to your furniture movers in Dubai. Professional movers have different payment terms. If you already paid the down payment, be sure to settle the other half upon pick up of the belongings. It wuld be best to get these things out of the way so you can concentrate on planning your relocation and preparing your new residence. Be sure to ask for a copy of the receipt stating that you are fully paid.


  • Start unpacking your things

This is definitely one of the most exciting yet tiring things to do when you relocate. But you don’t have to do it in one night. You can take your time unpacking your belongings if you don’t have anything else on your schedule. Start with the things that you will need in a week then follow through with the rest of the items. For items in common rooms like kitchen and living room, be sure to get the whole family involve to make it faster and easier.


  • Explore your new home

You may have explored your new home a number of times before you move in, but it is quite different when all the furniture is in place. Try to go over the space twice to see if there are some things that you need to rework or update.


  • Discover the community

Once you are settled in your new home, you can now go outside and see the rest of the community. Familiarize yourself on the place and take note of the important establishments.